War in Syria: What is the Bigger Picture?

war in syria

A NATO led military intervention in Syria seems to be inevitable, more warships and military assets are being transferred into neighboring regions as I write right now. Yet, only 9% of Americans support military action in Syria, and it’s no surprise that after both Iraq and Afghanistan, people aren’t so happy to jump the jingoist wagon again. The whole war in question is a big clusterfuck, and here’s why:

1. The Opposition is Batshit

Free Syrian Army is composed of ex-military, ex-government and ex-oppressed folks, which are united in one goal: to defeat Bashar Al-Assad and remove him and his cronies from Government. Seems like a plan. But when you look further into this army, you realize that it’s disorganized, contains jihadists and Muslim extremists, and has no plan for the week ahead, not to mention a plan for future government. There’s no apparent leader, there’s no core ideology, besides Shariah law and hunger for revenge and blood of their enemies. Do you think that these types of people are going to run a good, fair government? Or do you think that they’re perfect shills for us to control and ultimately destroy in our process of regional dominance?

2. Eastern Opposition

Both Russia and China have made it clear long ago that they will not stand a military intervention in Syria. And while this makes a great picture for our news to paint: Evil Putin and Communists defending blood-hungry dictators and selling them weapons of mass destruction, the real reason for this opposition are their own foreign and domestic economic and strategic interests. Russia is a long-time economic partner in Syria, it’s only Eastern military base there, in Tartus, where they sell shitton of weapons to the military. China also has economic interests in Syria, but it’s stance is mostly ideological, since it doesn’t approve of our way of intervening, staging coups and assassinating foreign heads of government for our economic benefit.

Both Russia and China know that this type of intervention will destabilize the region, will most likely turn Syria into a Muslim dictatorship, that will lead to much worse crimes against humanity. It will also benefit us immensely from their small oil exports, and their close proximity to the Suez Canal and major pipelines that transfer most of the worlds oil exports. It is a great strategic location for further US-led Eastern dominance, most likely Iran and it’s own oil and foreign influence.

3. When Will We Finally Say “No”?

The much bigger and more important question concerns us, the citizens of US, Britain and all those who stand behind this aggressive military campaign. Our silence permits their hubris, it permits the ignorance and chagrin of our leaders to play with the world without fear of any consequences. We permit our politicians to blatantly follow corporations into this abyss of debt, fear mongering and ultimately the destruction of our rights. The cozy life we are living make us docile and compliant, unable to truly resist and show anger in face of this hidden adversity. The peoples of Middle East have much lower amount of comfort and wealth, almost proportional to the amount of anger and resistance they show on the streets and the internet. They have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by trying to remove despots from above them. While we have everything to lose.

Politicians know that, and they don’t dare to touch our McDonald’s, and new cell phones, new TV shows and glamorous magazines. The people would much rather gossip about Miley Cyrus than to engage in political and social discussion. The US in particular has locked down the perfect amount of bitter partisanship, consumer culture and debt-culture to make its citizens willfully sign their rights and freedom to corporations, banks and everyone in between who would like to own and play the people for their own profit.

We’re living too comfortably to say No to this lunacy. We don’t care that Obama is Bush, that he continues the policies that were laid down by neo-cons and other sick-fucks who are bent on their ideology of US-dominance by any means necessary. Give us our TV, Internet and Money and we’ll shut the fuck up.


The war in Syria will cost many lives, and will most likely destabilize the country for years to come. But the most frightening aspect is that we don’t learn from our mistakes: it’s one thing that these greasy politicians and their american-centuries and conservative circlejerks that push these wars, debts and corporation-ass-licking every damn year, but it’s a whole new beat when the people do nothing about it. Apart from tiny debates in the corners of the internet, in the comments of facebook and twitter feeds which die in a matter of days, nothing is being done and most likely, nothing will get done. If only some asshole would our TV, snacks, Cinema and porn, then, then maybe something will get done.