The Crumbling Trust in the United States

crumbling unites states

Something went wrong, really wrong in the beginning of the 21st century for the United States. After 9/11 and subsequent war on terror, America has changed from the land of Hollywood, McDonalds and Microsoft to the land of War, Fear of Terror and the center of Misinformation.

Have you seen that video where a guy asks random people on the street simple, 5th grade questions, like who George Washington is or where on the map is Japan? And that most people can’t handle those? Well, even if that video is 10% true, that’s where our issues come from.

You have to understand some simple truth to begin seeing how fucked everything is right now for America. First of all, US has been the leading superpower since World War 2; it was dominating economics, politics and military. Because of the rapid, massive expansion of American infrastructure and its population, the US needed more and more resources, it bought more and more, and up until late nineties, you could say that half of the world was working for US.

Because everybody looked up to the United States, everybody worked for us and was paid by us, we didn’t give two shits about other countries, we were the most important country, everybody should know where we are, what we do and what we need, not the other way around.

This self-centrism and egoism created a population mainly ignorant to the issues outside of its countries borders.  This ignorance is biting everyone in the ass right now.

Second, the United States has stopped innovating or producing unique ideas. Besides Facebook and Twitter, what game-changing invention do you remember coming from US? All the new shiny, huge smart phones come from Korea or Japan. All the game consoles, the new, big screen TV’s, computers and tablets, all are from Asia.

Besides being world’s largest consumer, and being famous for fat people, unwanted wars and dumb mass media, the US as it was known is crumbling.

Instead of financing Science and Innovation, we lead our country into two was, which have produced zero results for us, for the world in general. Instead of stopping the inevitable  mortgage bubble and the subsequent shitstorm that followed, we let it loose, and paid the consequences.

In a way, and that is my subjective opinion, I think that the Bush administration, in the time span of which these disasters occurred, knew the failing of our country, and its crumbling trust and confidence abroad, and went into war to “prove everyone wrong’ to show our American red, white and blue muscles, to kick ass. What it has done instead is degrade out influence and image abroad beyond repair.

And the financial crisis, the birth place of which was America, it dealt a blow to our economy we still cannot recover from. The world blames us for the crisis, and the blame is fair.

How are we going to recover from all of this? Can politics fix this? I doubt it.