Looking Back on 2012

2012 review

The Heads of 2012

Well, here we are, the last day of 2012. Between the holiday festivities and consumerism that seem to be dominant in times like these, there’s also a question of whether we have learned any lesson from the previous year. The answers to that question is a resounding no, but let’s looks at the big picture first and see what might have gone right or wrong.

2012 has mostly been a year of disappointment and more of the same concerning economics and politics. More money was borrowed to pay for existing debt, more dumb politicians have been sticking their dirty hands into the economic mechanism, more dumb decisions from the ECB, FED and other central banking authorities. No change in the American political climate with the reelection of Obama, more political gridlock, less confidence in the future, more resentment of congress.

2012 was a shocking year to be perfectly honestly with you, because it showed a frightening trend sweeping our world and the minds of billions. That all this shit, from economic uncertainty and dread, to no resolution from politicians and economists is becoming common place. People are either tired of fighting or have molded themselves into the new, harsh consequences of our time.

Whenever you stop fighting, whenever you adapt and ignore, that’s when the alarm really needs to go off, that’s when all these greedy fucks in governments and all the uselessly pseudo-intellectual assholes in the central economic institutions will get on with the real fucking of your wages, your benefits and taxes.

The Fiscal Cliff debate shows the real nature of Washington in 2012 and awaiting 2013. I agree with the theory that this spectacle was done to just so they could raise your taxes.  The media and the politicians set this whole thing up as some sort of natural disaster, an inhuman force no one can stop unless they make a “deal”. The same can be said of the economic crisis and shocks; it’s all treated as a tornado or a tsunami, not a cause and effect event.

2012 has proved that our politicians don’t give a shit about us, they don’t give a shit about long term, they just want the green arrow up in the markets when they read a fresh, new newspaper tomorrow, that’s all they’re thinking of. 2012 has proved we’re all, politicians and economists, and you my dear reader, you yourself, as helpless as you might feel, all of us are responsible for this fucking shit, and it would be idiotic to hope for a Reagan or Clintonian recovery, because those days of cheap money are over my friends, we have exhausted the resource we have been using since Reagan, and we have no other alternative, no other tools to get us out of this helluva’ mess.

My personal thoughts of 2012 are that of a stagnating hope. You could see it everywhere, people hope for hope, people hope for confidence and resolution in our politics, they hope that things will go as written in history books and Economics 101 textbooks, they do hope, we are the hoping people. And it is true that hope dies last, and I’m afraid it is breathing its last few breaths.

Hope has to be fueled by progress, just a little, tiny bit is enough to have the engines roaring again, but not a tiny droplet has been seen since 2011.

You might find my preaching nature in dissonance with the dry, fact driven world of economics and I get that. But CNN or Bloomberg have no impact but to crush hope or the free thought that might spring up in a debate of such topics. I try to provide my own point of view and I invite you into the discussion, I don’t ask you to comment or send me mail, what matters most is that you think, is that I began a process in your mind that might draw up its own conclusions and resolutions, and I’ll be one happy man if it will.

Good luck to any of you in 2013, may there be peace, sanity and progress in your lives.