Is European Union Turning into Soviet Union?

I would like to present this video at first:

As you can see, Nigel Farage, the face of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) has a point there, and the point being: When does centralization of monetary and political power get to be against the interests of nations it is made for?

The European Union is a supra-national coalition of governments, binded by the idea of free trade, one currency, no borders and brotherly love. It was established after years of bloodshed and destruction, World War 2, to prevent this sort of morbid occasion in the future.

Not only that, after WW2, Europe was in shambles: factories, houses and farmland were completely demolished by war followed by a heavy and long period of reconstruction. To speed up the process of healing, the Schuman Declaration, a Franco-German supranational industrial community was signed into law by France, and became the first step towards a Pan-European Union.

The main purpose of the declaration was to establish a single-market across all nations and to create the first supranational institution that will ultimately lead to a European Union.

You can read up on the History of the European Union here.

The point I’m trying to make is that any union, whether Soviet or European, is built on ideology and idealism. And you know how well of a building material those both are.

Let’s cross-examine the Soviet Union to establish this case:

The Soviet Union was established in 1922, following the bloody Bolshevik Revolution. The main purpose of those who laid their lives for the revolution was the idea of equality and the rule of the workers, not the rich capitalists.

After a Union was established, mass executions of “whites”, not to be mistaken with the race, Whites were the nicknames for the elite, rich, middle class, politicians and high ranking tsarist generals. All of them were robbed of their property and then shot and buried in mass graves. This was done to prevent another revolution and to exterminate the upper class.

At first, some private enterprise was allowed, but as soon as Lenin fell ill and gave all the power to the Stalin, things changed for the worst.

You see, any Union needs a leadership, all international unions are made with a proper democratic leadership in mind, but in reality, such vast power almost always ends up in the hands of one man. You can read on the Centralization of Power here.

So as soon as Stalin took the reins of power, he established a planned economy and mass collectivization which led to massive famines and millions of deaths.

He also undercut, executed and exiled anyone who opposed him, anyone who had a different idea from his and anyone who disobeyed. Stalin is the best example of a ruthless dictator.

After WW2, The USSR picked up some satellite states like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, not to mention Eastern Germany. Those countries turned into soviet republics, used rubles and spoke Russian, and of course, became super-communist so you can say that they were a fully functional part of the Soviet Union.

But as years went by, top-down economic planning, the Iron Curtain and a totalitarian mindset began eroding. The USSR was less and less competitive.

I don’ want to make this a history lesson, so I’ll end it here. The conclusion is that the Soviet Union, made possible because of Marx’s and Lenin’s idealism quickly turned into a totalitarian dictatorship. It tried to achieve a supranational economic and ideological union, but failed miserably, at the cost of hundreds of millions of deaths.

What about the European Union? The EU was conceived a few years after WW2, it was an attempt to rebuild struggling, demolished economies and to prevent war in Europe. It escalated more and more until the Euro, the Shenghen zone and the Political union established its grips on 27 states.

The consequences of an economic union are blatantly seen today, as Greece, Spain and Portugal are struggling with 25% + percent unemployment, soaring deficits and spending. A political union whose main purpose is to force and dictate other, smaller nations their policies and finances, and a no border agreement, creating a vast influx of immigrants from eastern, poor European states into England, France and Germany has been proven to be destructive.

The European Union is a failed idea, a dying ideology that still clings to its destructive, failed tools and tries to force others to concede. Like the USSR, the European Union will fall, and everyone will be free at last.