Change in Society: From Family to Debt

debt changes society

There has been an ever increasing trend going on for about 30 or so years in America and most of the Western world. You see, in 1965, the typical family resembled, well, a typical 60’s family. There was the housewife mom, who cooked, cleaned, and fucked the neighbor ever so often, the workaholic dad, the baseball son and the daughter. This typical family lived in a house, which was about 15,000$ dollars, drove a nice car and had a great middle class life.

America was the capital of the Middle Class.

The point I’m going to make right now may sound controversial, but it’s nevertheless true in my opinion.

I believe that up to 70% of the population has no idea what they like and what they should do in life. My assumption is fueled by the fact that we treat people who know what they want in life, who love their job and do it just for the sake of love of the craft are so few and far between we often regard them as talented and special.

The time of the 50’s and 60’s were simple and set a clear goal for the most of the people:

You need to get a wife, then you need to get kids, to afford a house you need a job, for the job you need a car, and for the kids you need better toys and maybe in a few years you’ll have a raise and you’ll move into a better house and buy a better car etc. As banal as this sounds, this was the main engine of progress and prosperity for most American adults.

But with the sweeping change that took place in the 70’s and then the 80’s this system began to crumble. Young people began rejecting the idea of tradition, of the dominant office, of the 30 year work life and then retirement home. The idea of individualism, of life for the sake of pleasure has penetrated the culture in every aspect. Women, who were regarded as the housewife, the mother now began revolting against society’s narrow perspectives on them.

By the 90’s divorce rates tripled, and household formation stalled. The traditions that kept America were now dysfunctional and something had to be done to put another engine to drive people to go to work, to spend and consume to make the world go round.


It was debt.


Once the family began to crumble and the pressure to form a family disappeared, a change took place to replace the old traditions with new engines of prosperity, and it worked wonders.

So you don’t want to burden yourself with a family and kids? That’s alright, but you still want that shiny new car, and a flat screen TV and a new computer and a better house? Well then, go ahead and get some credit from your dear bank.

The era of consumerism, advertising has replaced this need for a life purpose for most people. Now, you know why you should work: to buy a new car, to impress your neighbors and make them jealous. Indulge in your vices and pleasures, it’s a free world and you’re free to do whatever you want.

This system made people want to work again, to repay their debt. Plain and simple.

Just think about it, if you don’t have working system where people are encouraged to work, provide a service, build stuff, earn money and then buy services and stuff, you don’t have a functioning society.

And because 70% percent of the people have no idea what they want in life, this empty space is replaced by cars, TV’s,, maybe kids and family. The common engine, built to fit most and make them work.

The idea itself is repulsive for someone who is a strict individualist, but the reality remains the same, we have 7 billion people on this earth, and most of them aren’t that special snowflake, that ambitious businessman or that genius painter, most of them are muscles with a brain, and a need to eat, fuck and live, and most of them fall into the system of employment, fuck their wives/husbands, raise kids and then die. Right now, right this second somebody died, and no one’s will ever care or know who that person was.