5 Rules of Financial Freedom

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A lot of people would disagree with the title of this article, they would also disagree with the premise and the message of this website, citing numbers and politicians as their sources, they would present a picture of increasing stability and confidence in the economic world.

As most of us are, they are entitled to their opinion, as wrong as I might think it is.

I’ve created this list for people who see the underlying melancholic current that has been drifting this world for more than four year now, who see that everything’s worsening and nothing’s being fixed.

Number 5: Don’t Invest

Stock, commodities or precious metals, if you want to stay sane and have hair on your head into your forties, I advise you not to invest in anything right now. The stock market specifically is a retched place as of now, with dumb, insecure cowards in the lead.

Because our economy has shifted from being a self-sustained ecosystem to being completely and utterly government dependent (either by bailouts, stimulus or good-old “leaks”) you cannot rely on textbook mechanisms and good business sense to win this game. Either you have good connections, are rich beyond absurdity or are in the banking industry, if you seriously considering entering this rigged game.

Number 4: Be Sensible With Your Money

What does sensible mean exactly?  Well, first, if you want to buy useless, unnecessary shit like a bigger TV, a bigger house or a nicer car, you should reconsider your philosophy, my dear friend.

You always have to have at least three months worth of living expenses in your bank account/ under your mattress, it’s not only good, timeless advice concerning money, but at uncertain times like these, having an upper hand and being confident in tomorrow no matter what is a great feeling, one that will help you stay strong through the depression.

Number 3: Stay Out of Debt

Debt is never good. I don’t care if it’s for education, a house or a car, debt limits your freedom, it makes you a slave to the institution of banking at it will be your undoing in times of suffering. Don’t believe me? Look at all the homeless people, all the mothers and fathers currently living in poverty in America, all 49 million of them.

When you lose your job, your income, there’s nothing worse, nothing more soul shattering than having  a mortgage and college debt sitting on your shoulders, being there every time you wake up, every time you breathe air.

I know it’s easy to sign a piece of paper and go into college, I know it’s great to move in into a great new house, but please, think this through before making the decision.

Number 2: Don’t Become a Slave

So let us follow the scenario I have described above: You don’t have money in your bank account, you have a bachelor’s degree you need to pay off, you have a mortgage and a big, brand new 50 inch TV to pay off, and you also bought a car.

Let’s say that you have done this out of confidence of your employment, say you have been employed right after leaving college, you’re paid 50K annually, plus insurance, you believe in tomorrow, you have dreams and ambitions and you want to live comfortably. Great.

Now let assume that the corporation you work in made a really, really bad bet into some securities, or made a bad product, or someone made the wrong decision, everyone sells off stock, the company reaches bankruptcy, it begins to lay off thousands and you ain’t so lucky, you get laid off.

Now, you have all this shit, all this debt sitting on your shoulders, and you have to pay it off, unless you want to bar yourself from credit for the rest of your life, and of course end up on the street.

You try looking for a similar job on the market, but no one hires, everyone’s scared. After a few months of searching and unpaid bills, you lose hope and go apply for a job at McDonald’s, because that’s the only open job there was.

You get paid shit, but enough to cover your loans. You stay on that shitty job because you need security, because you have loans to pay.

And all the way through, you question yourself: is this the life I was dreaming of?

Probably not, in fact, you begin to get fat, you begin to get dumb, and you begin to get depressed. The whirlpool is sucking you in, and you can’t get out, you can’t escape, because you have loans to pay, because you’ve spent money you didn’t have and have nothing in your bank account. You’re a slave to a bank, and you’re a bitch to a job you hate. You’ve lost your freedom and your dignity because of poor decision making. You lost the game.

Number 1: Never Lose Your Freedom

Always think of your freedom. Always make decisions based on how much freedom they take away from you. Be in control of your life and never let anyone do it for you. It’s better to be poor, but free and ambitious than to have “security” and a slave.

Freedom is why rich people are so hated and so admired for. They don’t have loans to pay, they don’t worry about mortgages or insurance, they have the ultimate freedom. They didn’t get to that freedom, if we’re talking about self made men here, by taking shitloads of loans, by not planning for tomorrow.

There is no ambition without freedom, there isn’t a better tomorrow without freedom. And to close this off, I would like to say that today’s countries aren’t free, as individuals stuck in this loop of debt, so do countries have to pay their debt, pay with someone’s else’s money, pay and not think of tomorrow.

And as we know by now, this leads to nothing but collapse.