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America’s Egoism: Making Revenge a Foreign Policy

The third presidential debate, concentrating on foreign policy, aired last night. President Obama and Mr. Romney sat behind a desk for more than an hour and discussed how other countries, mainly middle eastern countries, should behave and bow down to them. It seems already normal,

World in Conflict

World in Conflict

The world is changing. Ukraine is facing an escalating civil war, Iraq is in a civil war, Libya is disintegrating, Thailand is under military rule, Egypt is under military rule, CAR is in a religious war, Venezuela faces a revolution, US is spying on everyone

Neverending Productivity

Our Economic System Has Stopped Working

What is the purpose of humanity? Some might say the purpose is divine, some argue its ideological. But no one really knows, do they? And if they think they do, they acknowledge their own ignorance. Without much speculation, the human condition has left a few

debt inflation

Inflation is Inevitable

When the US increases its debt it is to pay government expenses that is not covered by tax collection. Right now more debt is issued than the regular debt market can absorb. The debt that cannot be sold to the free market is basically monetized

state surveillance

Rise of NSA Surveillance: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

It has become common knowledge to anyone residing in Europe, UK or US that their private communications, whether internet or cellular are being stored and most likely read through by a ginormous conglomerate of surveillance agencies. Most likely as meta-data: snippets of useful information organized

shutdown economy

The Ideological Bullshit of Government Shutdown

On October 1st, The U.S Federal Government had to shut down because of a budget that could not pass through the Senate. What does it mean, what are the consequences and who is responsible? Let’s find out. The Republican party is viciously opposed to Obama’s

progres future bleak

Constant Progress: Our Bleak Future

I’ve recently had an enormously interesting conversation with a n investor, particular the greentech, silicon-valley type. What was so enormously interesting about it was the sheer tone of desperation mixed with hopeful yearning that I have never seen in a person before. Let me explain.

war in syria

War in Syria: What is the Bigger Picture?

A NATO led military intervention in Syria seems to be inevitable, more warships and military assets are being transferred into neighboring regions as I write right now. Yet, only 9% of Americans support military action in Syria, and it’s no surprise that after both Iraq and Afghanistan,


The Damning Silence: Is The Economy Healing?

Do you hear that? No fear mongering, no breaking news, no polls, numbers or quotes to build the scenario of future collapse on. Nothing. Either the world economy has healed up, made great progress in curbing unregulated shade-markets, its infatuation with bailouts and easing, and

nsa surveillance prism

PRISM is a Threat to Democracy

Many of you have now heard of PRISM, a privately designed tool of surveillance, used by the U.S Government and many others to collect massive amounts of raw information from internet communications: email, search history, IM, facebook data etc. The program indiscriminately collects data from

false recovery obesity

The False Recovery: Our Obesity

If you keep an eye out for the markets, as many of you do I think, you’ll see a very positive phenomena: Markets are at all time highs, US and EU markets especially. Japan’s finally coming out of its somnambulance, corporations declare great profits, China’s on